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ATTENTION: Performing Arts School Teachers

If you've been searching to provide your students with an engaging music education experience and feel amazing, we'll show you...

How Student Music Performance Travel and Tours Can

Sky Rocket Your Program

And Boosts Your School Music Teaching Career

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Trying to keep students engaged and ensure your music program's success can be overwhelming...

...if you don't have a plan.

We feel your pain.

Back in the good old days, all you needed was a classroom to provide students with enough learning material to keep them interested and motivated.

And you were remembered for that….I mean….you were worshiped for that.

Today that’s not how it works anymore.  These days there are many teaching methods.

​You see…classrooms remain the key to educating students and providing learning experiences.  However...

Trying to keep students engaged and ensure your program's success can be overwhelming.

Why haven’t learning experiences changed to keep up with the way students learn best?

​Being a performing arts educator is not an easy job.  You may find yourself constantly being pulled in different directions.

​ On top of that, there is also the potential to confront some significant challenges like recruiting new students, keeping the music program alive, motivating students, funding, and parent involvement. 😢

​Many school districts consider performing arts education optional and not a necessary course.  That is the main reason why emphasizing the importance of performing arts may help policymakers, educators, and parents understand the value that band and choir director plus all other performing arts teachers offer students.  

And that`s not the worst part. Don`t you hate it when...

Let`s be honest. 

It`s overwhelming, frustrating and it reflects on your music teaching abilities.

Today, it's no longer what you know about teaching music or who you know that will make a difference in your teaching career - it's what YOU do that will take you to the next level. 

So, that leads me to a question for you...

Do You Want To Just Sit Around, Make Excuses & Hope To Reach The Next Level In Your Music Teaching Career Through Pure Luck?

...or do you want to step up and make the right decision right NOW!

Interactive Studies Provides You A Music Education Experience Unlike Any Other That You’ve Seen Before.

Here is what you will be able to accomplish when you embrace this innovative learning approach.

Emphasize The Importance Of Music Education And Strengthen Your Performing Arts Program

Unlock the power of student music performance travel and tours as an innovative learning approach that you can implement into your school's music program.

Students learn from professionals, strengthen their performance skills and rise to vibrant educational experiences while visiting the most interesting cities.

Watch your students grow and have the best educational experience as they perform in new and exciting venues, receive recognition for their skills, and develop their musical talents.

music travel consultants can provide ideas for your next trip
music performance travel and tours attracts interest to your performing group

Attract More Interest To Your Student Music Performing Group

We believe that music class should be an exciting experience for both teacher and student.

That's why student music performance travel aims to...

📌 Raise your school’s profile
📌 Develop your performing arts program
📌 Give your students recognition
📌 Create a memorable experience

Performance travel can transform your program and how students perceive your performing arts class.

It is not just about music. It’s about getting the most out of your students, no matter what they choose to do with their lives.

Provide A Positive And Rewarding Experience

Student music performance travel and tours is an experience that will rise to a vibrant opportunity for every student who participates.

Students get to perform in front of an audience, showcase their talents, strengthen their music performance skills during workshops, enjoy the attractions and lots of fun activities.😀

Performance travel will create a real impact on your students and make them feel proud of their abilities.

performance travel and tours

From the music performance experience to the interactions with experienced professionals and like-minded peers along the way – students will grow so much because of you! Your students are empowered with an educational and fun experience that will last a lifetime.

Joe Navarro

Founder Exceptional Teachers Network / Interactive Studies Consultant

There Is Just One Catch!

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You will need to tap into your creative energy with us in order to make a reality an extraordinary performance that will make you an ICON.  

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Despite all the challenges with music education in schools, we envision something BETTER for all school teachers and students.  If this is the right opportunity for you,  we are convinced you'll be amazed at the positive results.  Interested?  

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