fbpx Is Educational Tours Student Travel Worth Your Time?

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Is Educational Tours Student Travel Worth Your Time?

Is Educational Tours Student Travel Worth Your Time

Why Educational Tours and Student Travel

We’re all familiar with the increasingly challenging job of the modern school teacher, who is tasked with shaping the future of young minds.  A lot of teachers have a tough time engaging their students and keeping them interested in class.  But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve. 

If you are a school teacher looking to expand your teaching methods, you will find this educational tours article helpful.  It is designed to share with you some common benefits of educational tours and help you decide if it’s something you should consider. 

We believe it is now more important than ever for teachers to develop and implement strategies that will help them reach all students.  

Going on a school-related educational tour is one of the most exciting news any young learner can get.  Whether it’s a field trip or a student travel experience, it’s a great way to help engage, inspire and excite your young learners.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive! 😀 

The school years are a time when the things youngsters do and the places they travel to stay the longest.   Young learners are hungry for experiences and information.  During those early years, what they comprehend gets to shape who they are and their views. 

Educational Tours Offers A New Environment To Learn

Education continues to change.  But one thing that remains constant is that students absorb and remember your teaching subject better when they experience it themselves. 

Educational travel gets young learners out of the traditional classroom plus teachers get to connect with them.  It’s an enriching new way for your students to incorporate the material taught in school.  

Student travel brings the opportunity to discover places we have only read in books or seen in movies.  But educational tours are not a vacation.  It’s an adventure that molds who each and every student can be.  

It’s also more than the destination because student travel makes experiential learning possible.  You get a new approach to see and experience in more detail what has been taught in class.  Everywhere you go, there is also something new to discover.

Education gets transformed into a whole new adventure in ways that your group has never seen before.  Such as during a visit to Boston where you get a personal feeling and better understanding of what things were like in the 18th century.  Or Washington D.C. where your group will explore history, politics, law, and other learning activities.

Every educational travel destination will deepen understanding and give you a different experience no matter what subject you teach (even music).    

Student Travel Can Help Them Grow As A Person

Culture is a part of educational tours.  Students discover cultural differences even within the same country.  

Student travel allows us to discover how people live and how the food is unique to that destination.  People also discover how similar things are no matter where you go.  This gives students a different perspective and develops greater compassion and empathy. 

Educational tours improves social skills
Educational tours improves social skills


Travel also allows for your group to get to know each other better and improve their skills.  Because they must stick together as a group and talk to others, being shy is no longer an option.  

Some teachers have mentioned students get a greater classroom experience that lasts way more after the trip is over.  Classroom material engagement also increases resulting in higher scores.

An educational tour provides a great opportunity for being independent.  Being away from their family, students traveling discover how to operate on their own.  This can be extremely useful for college living and the adult years.

Traveling is also a great way to get an understanding of working as a team.  In order for school tours to be successful, everyone must recognize the need to work together.  Even prior to departure, teamwork is a must if they want to be part of the trip.  

Explore Career Options

Travel can be a source of new ventures, inspiration, education, growth, self-discovery, fun, and personal enrichment.  When traveling, we expand our minds by building character and self-awareness.

When school students search for a career path, traveling can be a stepping stone in many different fields.   By doing several activities around a particular subject, your group gets the opportunity to discover more about that subject and if it’s a career they want to pursue.  

Educational tours student travel is related to higher education and personal income.
Educational tours student travel is related to higher education and personal income.

For example, a visit to Washington D.C. can provide insights into a career in law.  New York City may help inspire young learners to explore more about careers in entertainment or business.  A trip to an aquarium can help them decide on a career in marine science.

Making your class content interesting and motivating is an important aspect of educational tours

If you are a music teacher, a music performance and music workshop with your band, choir, dance group, or any other music performing group can help with career choices. 

The Wagner Group is a market research firm that did a survey for the U.S. Travel Association as part of the Travel Effect campaign.  The survey titled “Travel Improves Educational Attainment and Future Success”, was balanced between gender, race, and income.  It included a total of 400 American adults who participated in educational tours when they were between 12-18 years old.  

According to the survey, for 52% of the adults, participating in tours had influenced their career choices.  Those who got a college degree were a majority (57%) compared to those who did not participate in educational tours.

Better grades were also a benefit for more than half of them.

​An educational tour reinforces what students learn.  This is because your group goes into the real world and learns how to interact with it while discovering different aspects of life that help their career path.

They also become more interested in what they are being taught and make it easier for them to remember the lessons.

Educational Tours Helps You Become A Better School Teacher

Have you ever wondered what more is out there?  What big thing could inspire you or what could help you make an even greater positive impact on your students?

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to positively shape the future of a student.  Helping them develop their skills and talents can be gratifying in many different ways.

Learning is a process that never ends and if we are not learning then we are not growing. Travel allows us to learn, see, and discover things we might not be able to otherwise.

Travel gets to create a positive learning environment as well as a better bond with your class. It develops your own style of teaching and leads to creating more knowledge in young learners.

You also can bring an unforgettable learning journey while bringing your lessons to life.  Educational tours can take your teaching to the next level no matter what subject you teach.

Having fun is also part of the education process.  And what better way to have lots of fun than during an educational tour.  It’s a break from the routine and a way to enjoy learning as well as create great memories.

We believe teaching is one of the most rewarding things you can do.  And, we know you want to give your students the best learning experience possible.

Based on what we have researched and learned from teachers, we can conclude trips are worth your time and effort only if they include a rewarding experience that can not be provided within your community.  It must also provide an educational component and cultural enrichment.

If you’ve been part of an educational tour before, we hope it brought value to you and your group.  In case you have never had such an adventure, we invite you to take the challenge and discover if this is for you.

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